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Dedicated Golf Academy & Instructors in Sedona

Hello, and welcome to our website! Our mission and purpose are to educate, build, grow, develop, and empower people in and around the game and business of golf. We believe in creating, developing, and improving our students' golf game experiences. Intertwined, our four pillars are the key to unlocking your ...

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Where Golf Dreams Take Flight

Taking the time to develop a personalized learning experience is at the heart of our mission. Our unique and best in class approach is tailored to each golfer and their specific needs, which allows us to provide the highest level of expertise and individualized learning plans.

By providing a bespoke approach to ...

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Student Testimonials

"The Best Golf School Experience"
Robert Kirshenmann

Michael is an excellent teacher. I've only been golfing for 10 months, and I'm 67 years old. He was able to straighten out my early bad habits that I was developing from watching too many YouTube videos on golf swings. My lessons were one-on-one, taking place on the beautiful Oakcreek golf course in the Village of Oakcreek, Sedona, Arizona. If you want to learn the sport of golf, call the best—Broken Tee Golf School in Sedona, Arizona.